Mold Remediation
It is almost impossible to tell whether the type of mold is harmless, aggravating, flesh eating or even deadly without having it tested. Close Quote

No one wants to hear that they have mold in or around their home or business. It is not something to mess around with. Household chemicals, in most cases, do more harm than good. Mold is a living organism that knows when it is being attacked and is virtually impossible to kill. Bleach may turn the mold white but actually sends the mold into survival mode which makes it grow significantly faster. The longer it sets, the more damage and health risks it can cause. It is always better to have a trained professional take care of the mold for you. Our certified technicians will come and evaluate your situation for free. We have the proper equipment and training to completely remedy and eliminate any amount of damage that mold can cause. We are also trained to deal with your insurance company for you to alleviate as much stress as possible.

So put down your bottle of bleach and scrub brush and call A.S.D.T. today.

We’ll take care of the mold so you don’t have to.

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