About ASDT

A successful emergency response and recovery project begins with a quick response followed by an accurate damage assessment, then the corresponding emergency mitigation plan must be written to stabilize the property.

We then involve your insurance company adjuster from the beginning, gaining pre-approval for the emergency mitigation steps required to stabilize your property. Our ultimate goal is to do only what is necessary to mitigate your loss, stabilize your property and prepare for complete property recovery and restoration.


The Process

Provide an initial consultation

Prepare a complete loss assessment and recovery plan

Create estimates, inventories, and business spreadsheets

Detail your loss to insurance

Assist in developing your presentation strategy

Introduce expert analysis from engineers and other experts to support your claim

Our Services

ASDT works towards getting your business back to working condition as soon as possible and uses the latest technology on equipment to ensure safety for your team and clients. With ASDT, the most qualified team will be at your service to create the best property stabilization plan for you while considering: replacement cost vs. restoration cost, loss of value and use, and the effect of the damage.


Fire Damage

The first 24 to 48 hours after fire damage are crucial. ASDT assists you and takes care of the whole process from structural and contents cleaning to deodorization, to full restoration.


Water Damage

Make sure that evaporation and dehumidification processes are done correctly to get back to business as soon as possible.


Smoke Damage

Ensure the best air quality and safety for your team and clients after a fire. ASDT removes any wet or dry smoke residue with the latest technologies.


Our Covid protocol for your home and your business


Our Industries

When disaster strikes, it threatens you, your employees, and your clients; it compromises the integrity of your entire business. In this scenario, it is important for you to guarantee the continuity of the business. ASDT will provide quick and effective emergency response and recovery to prevent the loss from being devastating and get you back to business safely and fast. Our highly trained, licensed, and insured contractors, with the latest Phoenix equipment, ensures a successful mitigation and restoration process.



ASDT provides the most precise and effective restoration solutions, something you especially need in a building with hundreds of livable areas where damage can become toxic.



A disaster can render a business unusable for months and have an effect on tens of thousands of dollars of lost revenue. ASDT works quickly and effectively to get you back to operative conditions.



Eliminate the detrimental effect a disaster can have on your ability to do business. Seal affected areas and continue operating the business in as little as a few hours.



Don’t allow the whole production to be halted or lost. Our highly trained, licensed and insured contractors will give you an integrated disaster relief solution, including negotiating with insurance.


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