I had the pleasure of meeting with Gary King C.E.O. of Advanced Structural Drying Technologies (ASDT).

The initial meeting was a complete walk through of our property guest rooms, public space. I had concerns with heavy carpet soils, bleached areas, drying issues, and vending area grout cleaning. They were all addressed and some sample cleaning was performed.

In our public space we had an area where in the past they used bleach products to clean the restrooms. Our carpet has a swirl pattern to it; and they came and hand dyed the carpet back to its original pattern. We canít locate the bleached area anymore.

I have chosen ASDT as our new cleaning company. Our property was serviced in July; their cleaning associates came with respect to in house guest privacy and our needs. All cleaning aspects of their first job with us were beyond expectations.

I strongly recommend ASDT as your carpet cleaning choice. If you have any questions or need any further information, please donít hesitate to contact me at 615-256-0900 or email me at deborah.scott@marriott.com