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Mold Remediation

ASDT strive’s to mitigate the harmful effects of water damage while preventing further complications caused from unexpected events such as storm damage, floods, broken pipes, and sewage backups.

Information about mold

Mold remediation refers to cleaning up mold in your home and putting measures in place to prevent further mold presence. Mold is often caused by an underlying water damage issue. It is necessary to stop the source of the problem, clean up and repair any water damage, and safely remove all mold spores so they do not come back.
Mold can GROW in as little as 24 hours, given the right type of environment. The longer mold is ignored, the more destruction it will cause. Mold can SPREAD throughout a property in as little as 48-72 hours, and can produce allergens and irritants that have the potential to cause other health effects.

Our mission

ASDT employs certified professionals with expert knowledge and experience in mold remediation services. Our team takes the utmost care to make sure that mold and other air born pollutants do not spread when remediation efforts begin. Negative Air Envelopes are employed to ensure that all mold is contained before any demolition and remediation commences. This envelope ensures that surrounding areas are not affected by curing the damaged areas.



Analyze the situation


Locate all mold


Quarantine the affected area


Treat toxic regions

Before we begin
First, we test every interior surface that we can access even if there is no sign of mold present. Our team utilizes testing kits that will sample the air quality in key locations throughout the business.
Our certified technicians evaluate your site before work begins. We have the proper equipment and training to completely remedy and eliminate any amount of damage that mold can cause. ASDT negotiates with your insurance company on your behalf to alleviate as much financial burden as possible.
Our team utilizes the most advanced mold detection equipment, including moisture level meters, laser thermometers, and borescopes to scan the interior of walls, floors, and ceilings.
Even after extensive indoor air quality testing, we take baseline readings of the property from the regions. If we can identify unusually high concentrations of mold near the perimeter of the business, the mold will invariable make it inside.
Equipment & testing
ASDT uses patented, hydrogen peroxide-based cleaning product, leaving an extremely clean surface that we then treat with a microbial barrier on the studs, trusses, and floor joist before the builder completes the interior finishes. Our work is backed by a year transferable warranty for microbial growth on treated surfaces in new construction. We also offer a year warranty if we do the same service on an existing structure.
Our mold inspection services include IAQ/mold sampling, environmental assessment, lab testing, and referrals to other professionals in the industry for additional services that we might not be able to provide.
High-quality Air Testing offer peace of mind, as a team of scientific experts will review your sample thoroughly and accurately. Once the sample is mailed off, received at the lab, and analyzed, a report of findings will then be generated and mailed back. These results will identify what pollutants were present in your sample and at what concentration (cts/cm2). These pollutants will be identified at both the genus and species level.
These kits will trap any airborne mold-spores so we can analyze them and prepare a mold remediation plan, customized for your situation.
After these baselines readings, we continue to go that extra mile to ensure we have located every trace of mold. The team can make use of carpet cassettes to test flooring, swaps, and scrapings to send to a lab for analysis, and several other techniques that will uncover any underlying issues.


Our certified technicians evaluate your site before work begins. We have the proper equipment and training to completely remedy and eliminate any amount of damage that mold can cause.

  • Containment Systems: This prevents airborne spores from spreading, and that holds down mold remediation costs.
  • Infrared Cameras: Allow fine-tune mold inspections by identifying hidden areas of moisture. The thermal imaging helps map out exact locations of mold behind walls, under floors and in ceilings.
  • Slide Hammers: Are an accessory that is used to determine if moisture has migrated to the wood sub-flooring. The slide hammer has Teflon-coated pins that can be driven into the sub-flooring. This tool determines how deep water has gone.
  • Hydro Sensors: Invasive meters that are great for mapping out how far moisture has migrated from the source. This tool gives an audible signal for positive testing of moisture migration in the carpeting and carpet padding.
  • Penetrating Meters: Are especially useful for getting a visual display of moisture content. With a high level of accuracy by using deep wall probes for finding trapped moisture.
  • Disinfectant: Includes commercial grade disinfectants, and antimicrobial solutions and antifungal applications. These different products allow the removal of all types of contaminants while cleaning up mold from upholstery and drapes or countertops and walls.
ASDT Mold Remediation Equipment
Additional mold treatment processes
  • Free Damage Assessment
  • Initial Air Quality Testing
  • Mold Identification Testing
  • Remediation Planning & Execution
  • Containment & Isolation
  • Removal of Contaminated Materials
  • Treatment & Air Purification
  • Reconstruction
  • Clearance Testing & Formal Documentation
  • State of the Art Air Purification Systems
  • HEPA Vacs
  • Dry Ice Blasters
  • Industrial Grade Antimicrobial Solutions

New constructions mold protection:
Protect your business with microbial coating protection. Once we clean any visible mold growth, we apply a microbial barrier to the studs, trusses, floor joist, etc. before the interior finishes are added (sheetrock, cabinets flooring).
With potentially hundreds of guest restrooms, kitchens, janitorial areas, and commercial sized HVAC systems, there is a lot of potential for water leaks that can develop into mold problems in hotels. We can provide effective mold remediation services using environmentally friendly techniques to ensure your kitchen is compliant with all health code regulations.

Frequently asked question

Is equipment and testing government safety compliant?2021-02-18T16:08:57+00:00

We make use of HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) vacuums that will remove the final traces of mold to capture even the most microscopic particles remaining.

Will my business be affected if mold is discovered?2021-02-18T15:52:55+00:00

Our teams will complete initial air quality and mold identification testing before suggesting and implementing the appropriate remediation techniques for your particular situation.

What can I expect during a mold inspection?2021-02-18T15:45:29+00:00

Our team will first look for signs of the mold growth and try to locate the source. Our team will climb into attic, crawlspace, anywhere that moisture can be accumulating and contributing to the spread of the mold. Without water, there can not be mold, so once we determine the source of the moisture we can begin the next phase which is the mold remediation.

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