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A.S.D.T. has been the leader in floor cleaning since 1976. We utilize the most powerful cleaning system on earth!Close Quote

The Vortex cleaning system. Where other carpet cleaners fail, we prevail! Our trucks use a cleaning solution that is heated up 300 degrees and has 3 times the vacuum that most carpet trucks use. This allows our equipment to blast through dirt and stains without taking half your carpet fibers with us. We also specialize in hard to get out carpet and furniture stains including Kool-aid, mustard, pet stains, rust, grease, wax, magic markers and those discolored high traffic areas. Don’t let others tell you “it can’t be cleaned” Let us clean your carpet and tile floors for a fraction of the cost of replacing it.
You might be asking yourself, “Why doesn’t everyone use this equipment?” Well, we aren’t just a carpet cleaning company. Locally, we clean and restore carpets. Nationally, we travel to the east coast and the Gulf of Mexico to do large scale water extraction. We need these Vortex trucks to reach the top of a high rise buildings and still have enough power to pull all the water out of the carpets. We utilize these trucks to deep clean the nastiest of the nasty carpets, tile and area rugs.

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